Press / Net Neutrality: What’s Next

With yesterday’s FCC repeal of net neutrality protections, the adult internet as we know it is in danger.

We’ve still got a fighting chance, if we lobby our congress people. But here’s what porn fans face if massive corporations like Verizon and Comcast are able to determine what you can and can’t watch.

Blocked and Censored Websites

Without net neutrality, the company that you get your internet from can outright block any site they want, including xHamster. Over the past year, we’ve seen incredible pushback from social conservatives across the world asking governments to censor or block adult sites. Public corporations are even more vulnerable to boycotts and governmental pressure.

Prediction: ISPs in conservative areas face pressure to limit access to free sites (like xHamster) and anything controversial (BDSM, fetish, gay).

Performer Site Closures

Analysts expect major ISPs to begin segregating content, particularly video content, based on its ability to pay. That’s great for Netflix and YouTube, but terrible for performers who are trying to survive running their own website.

Prediction: Smaller producers will be sold or leave the business altogether. Fetish and niche content will begin to dry up, and vanilla content — boobs, blonde hair, white — will dominate this next era of adult production.

The Return of the Underground

With large corporations controlling not only our devices, but also our internet, sex-related is becoming more and more difficult to access. For example, sex-related business — heck, even dating businesses — are largely excluded from the Apple’s app store, Facebook and Google advertising. If pressure intensifies from the ISPs, you’ll likely see adult content pushed off of Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr.

Prediction: Adult content will become harder to find, and, in some cases, require going around ISPs just to enjoy a little entertainment.

“Across the globe, we see governments seeking shut down the free internet, or to limit it to corporate interests,” says Alex Hawkins,Vice President of xHamster. “We’re a community built on user uploads. In a time of corporate censorship and conservative crackdowns, we think that making sex videos is a revolutionary act, and we’re glad to be able to lend our support to the fight for Net Neutrality.”

But there is still hope. If you’re a US citizen, Battle for the Net is offering an easy way to let your Congress people know how you feel. Follow the link below for to find out how to join the fight, and keep the sexual revolution going!